Hi, I'm Jonathan, I specialise in interior architecture and design. Houlbrook & Co doesn't bring a lofty agenda, we work hard to create original, relevant and exciting experiences that resonate with contemporary expectations in the world of hospitality and restaurants.

Today, the experience of the place you occupy needs to back up what you say and the quality of what you offer.


The way that Houlbrook & Co adds value breaks down in to three pillars:


Defining the story

Getting the operation right

Developing the detail


I could dive in to what these mean here but I'd rather meet and chat with you about what you're looking for first. So get in touch and we can talk further about what you want to achieve and how Houlbrook & Co can help get you there.


How much does it cost?


Given the nature of what we do and that every project is always different and unique, there is no standard cost associated with employing our design services, within the industry we aim to be the affordable option and we are growing a reputation in this regard.

Below is a summary of the parts of the process we perform, if you require help with a specific stage please arrange a call back and we can discuss what you need.





Interior concept design

Technical detail production

Full design team coordination

On-site design management

Lighting design

Bespoke furniture design

FF&E specification

FF&E procurement

CGI & sketch visuals

CDM Principal Designer role



Get in touch


Feel free to email to request a call back and we will be in touch.